Extreme Sports Channel's Managing Director, Phil Jones has announced two further original productions to be aired this summer: Gumball 3000 and Come Out and Play: Skate Punk and Epitaph.

Gumball 3000 (6 x 30 mins) which NBC News described as ìthe most glamorous and notorious rally ever stagedî has been co-commissioned by Extreme Sports Channel and sister distribution company Extreme Entertainment. The six-day celebrity road trip last year culminated in over $50,000 worth of speeding fines and 14 arrests, and this year sees the drivers racing from Paris to the Sahara and back in just six days. The series is produced by Sunset & Vine and features high-speed stars such as skateboarding supremo Tony Hawk, ex-Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost, and Jackass stars Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville.

The Channel will premiere Gumball 3000 this July in the UK and Europe and Extreme Entertainment will be distributing the programmes globally.

A further commission, ëCome Out and Play: Skate Punk and Epitaphí (1 x 60 mins) produced in-house by Julie Carver, and spotlighting the legendary American independent record label that brought us a generation of skate punk bands such as The Offspring, Bad Religion and Pennywise. The hour-length special features videos and exclusive interviews with some of the labelís most prominent artists and sees Radio 1ís Mike Davies in his first role as a TV presenter.

Commenting on these latest commissions Phil Jones said, ìBoth these commissions demonstrate our desire to expand the character of Extreme.

The attitudes and personalities of our sports have been widely adopted by so many so enthusiastically, that weíve responded with a range of programming to reflect this. Both Gumball 3000 and the Epitaph record label are known for their independent, irreverent and rebellious streaks ñ and thatís why some of the biggest names in our sports are their participants and athletes.

It's also the reason why they have found a home at Extreme Sports Channel

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