Extreme Sports Channel has won the TV rights for the legendary extreme sports event, the Gravity Gam

The event, one of the largest in the world with prize money totalling $1,000,000 and a worldwide TV audience of over 120 million including NBC in the US, will be broadcast throughout the month of March.

The Gravity Games, successfully broadcast on BBC in the UK last year, has made the transition to Extreme Sports Channel. The best of the action from the 1999 and 2000 games will be screened throughout the month, climaxing with the coverage of the 2001 Games in the last week.

The Gravity Games captures the lifestyle of extreme sports with 250 world-class athletes from 17 countries competing in 16 events, including BMX, aggressive inline skating, skateboarding, street luge, wakeboarding and freestyle motocross.

Andy Warkman, Head of Programming and Acquisitions for the Extreme Sports Channel, said: "This is a fantastic coup for us. The Gravity Games is highly respected and considered by many as the Extreme Sports Olympics. The event encompasses the best of extreme sports action and fits well with our other prestigious events, as well as opening up a number of exciting sponsorship opportunities".

Extreme Sports Channel is the world's first channel solely dedicated to round the clock coverage of extreme sports and lifestyles from around the globe. It is currently available across 48 counties in 5 languages and expanding rapidly.


Extreme was formed in 1995, with the aim of supplying the world's broadcasters with quality television programming. Today we are a fast growing global media group with 1) a rapidly expanding global television channel, 2) an internet business, 3) international television distribution business and 4) online and mail order shopping. The Extreme Group has offices in the UK, The Netherlands & USA.

Extreme Sports Channel Worldwide The Extreme Sports Channel is a global 24 hour sports network that features programmes and live events from the action, adventure and alternative sports genres. In Europe it is a joint venture between the Extreme Group and United Pan European Communications ? UPC (the largest cable operator in Europe, 9M subs). Delivered via a network of satellites, the channel, initially launched in Amsterdam May 1999, is now broadcasting in 5 languages across 48 countries in Europe and Middle East, recently culminating in the UK launch on Sky.

WWW.Extreme.Com www.extreme.com is the web site address for the worldwide Extreme Sports Channel, and is being run as a separate company. It enhances the viewers experience of the broadcast channel and act as the portal for the online extreme sports community. The majority of the Extreme Sports Channel content is cleared for web streaming and www.extreme.com is the focal point for this streaming. www.extreme.com is being developed as a fully interactive internet channel, which will be supplied to web streaming platforms worldwide. Thus extending and exposing the brand very rapidly worldwide.

Extreme International www.extremeinternational.com Extreme International has been specializing in the distribution of Extreme Sports programmes for five years and are now the world's leaders in this area. We take stands at all the major Television Shows and are focused upon the production, distribution, packaging and marketing of Extreme Sports, Adventure Travel, Nature & Wildlife and Technology programming to the television industry.

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