The London based sales office of Extreme International has signed a 3-year deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment's AXN channel in Spain to provide a minimum of 50 hours of content a year, for 3 years. The deal further strengthens the relationship between Extreme International and Sony's AXN channels worldwide. During 2001 AXN Spain will broadcast over 120 hours of Extreme and Alternative sports from the Extreme catalogue. Titles include Core Culture (26 x 60 mins), 360 Surfing (28 x 30 mins), The Ride Guide Mountainbike Show (26 x 30 mins) and the 2000 Rip Curl World Heli Challenge (3 x 30 mins).

Ben Barrett, Director of Sales at Extreme International said "We are delighted to announce this long term relationship between Extreme International and AXN Spain. We feel that our respective brands complement each other very well, and both parties felt that this was a logical progression in our already strong relationship ? and one that our programme suppliers will clearly benefit from. We are currently exploring opportunities to extend this agreement beyond Spain to other AXN Channels world-wide".

In addition to the above, all AXN channels world wide (Pan-Asia , Pan-Latin America, Japan, Israel and Spain) are currently broadcasting the full 21 part series of the inaugural World Extreme Games, a joint venture between Extreme Group, and their joint venture partners in the Extreme Sports Channel, United Pan-European Communications (UPC).


Noga Enterprises (Israel)

Noga Enterprises in Israel have continued their relationship with Extreme International with the acquisition of 8 additional series of technology programmes from BSKYB's [.tv] channel, for broadcast on their "Internet and Hi Tech Channel". The service launched on 30th July 2000 as a 24 hr. service.

In addition to the six series license in June of 2000, the latest deal includes the following series; The Future Makers, The Learning Curve, Game Over, Road Test, The Right Stuff, DLX and Jargon Busters.

Singapore Cable Vision (Singapore) Singapore Cable Vision has acquired 65 one-hour episodes of the 2000 series of Blue Torch TV.

YLE (Finland)

YLE 1 in Finland have acquired 30 x 3 minute extreme sports segments from the Board Wild series to run within their own weekly sports magazine show.

West Media Services (N Zealand)

New Zealand based West 175 Media has acquired over 40 hours of [.tv] technology programming from Extreme International. Titles include, The Right Stuff, Nexus, and Ex Machina all of which will be broadcasted on 3 regional channels CHTV, Channel 9 and Mercury Television.

For Further information on Extreme International please contact Ben Barrett. Tel: +44 207 244 1000 e-mail: Ben@extremeinternational.com

About Extreme Group The Extreme Group limited is the holding company for the Extreme Sports Channel, Extreme.com, Extreme International, and the World Extreme Games. Extreme Group Limited was formed in 1995, with the aim of supplying the world's broadcasters with quality television programming. Today we are a very fast growing global media group with a globally expanding Television Network, an internet business, an international television production and distribution company and an events business all detailed below. The Extreme Group has offices in the UK, The Netherlands and USA.

Extreme Sports Channel www.extreme.com The Extreme Sports Channel is a globally expanding 24 hour 7 day a week sports television network that features programmes and live events from the action, adventure and extreme sports genres. It is a joint venture between the Extreme Group and United Pan-Europe Communications Plc ? UPC (the largest cable operator in Europe, 9M subs). Delivered via a network of satellites, the channel, initially launched in Amsterdam May 1999, is now broadcasting in 4 languages across 14 countries in Europe. Extreme's global channel strategy is to launch the Extreme Sports Channel world wide. Having very successfully done this in Europe with UPCtv we are close to announcing other deals with operators in the rest of the world. The majority of the Channel's programming is also cleared for Broadband and internet broadcast and this is being developed via www.extreme.com.

www.extreme.com www.extreme.com is the web site address for the worldwide Extreme Sports Channel, also a joint venture with UPCtv and is being run as a separate company. It will enhance the viewers experience of the broadcast channel and act as the portal for the online extreme sports community. Most of the Extreme Sports Channel content is cleared for Broadband and narrow band streaming and www.extreme.com will be the focal point for this. www.extreme.com is also being developed as a fully interactive internet channel, which will be supplied to all new carriage platforms globally thus extending and exposing the brand very rapidly around the world.

Extreme International www.extremeinternational.com Extreme International has been specializing in the distribution of Extreme Sports programmes for five years and we are now the world's leaders in this area. We have stands at all the major Television Shows and are focused upon the production, distribution, packaging and marketing of Extreme Sports, Adventure Travel, Nature & Wildlife and Technology programming to the television industry We also supply current video content to websites and portals world wide. As live streaming has developed, Extreme International has secured exclusive internet, broadband and ADSL distribution rights on individual programmes, live events, preparing for the full development of convergence. As well as building an extensive network and database of organisations and web sites looking for channels and video content.

The World Extreme Games The World Extreme Games (WEG). WEG will be staged as the alternative Olympics in London - dates to follow . The World Extreme Games will be a truly global event, providing the best event programming for the Extreme Sports Channel and broadcasters worldwide. The event will include the top extreme sports stars in the world competing for serious prize money.

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