Extreme Sports Channel to broadcast 2000 Cuervo European Wakeboard Pro Tour

The Extreme Sports Channel, a joint venture between UPC (United Pan-European Communications) and The Extreme Group (formerly X-Dream), which is currently broadcasting in 12 European territories have signed a deal with United Sport to broadcast Wake Up! Wake up 5 x 30 minutes follows the Cuervo European Wakeboard Pro Tour to its 5 destinations, Greece, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands and the UK. Now in its tenth year the Tour attracts competitive professionals from around the world and this year promises to be the best yet. Extreme International's Andy Warkman Director of Acquisitions for the Extreme Sports Channel says "This is one of the worlds premier wakeboarding tours and it is great that this rapidly growing sport is being broadcast on the Extreme Sports Channel. We are really focused on giving the viewer the chance to see the best extreme sports action from around the world. United Sport have produced a really excellent series of programmes"

Tour Event director Bob Hope adds: "We are delighted that Extreme Sports Channel has agreed to transmit all five programmes in the United Sport series, Wake Up. Their interest in this fast growing professional sport is reflected in the tremendous reaction we have received from television media around the world from terrestrial, cable and satellite channels."

"Wakeboarding is growing exponentially year on year. It is also highly visual. Many of the tricks performed by the riders are spectacular and there is no doubt that television is the ideal medium in which to showcase this new and vibrant, adrenaline sport."

ABOUT EXTREME GROUP The Extreme Group is a leading Global integrated extreme sports entertainment company, formed in 1995 with the aim of supplying the world's broadcasters with quality television programming. Today we are a fast growing global media group with significant interests in a global television network, an internet business, broadband channels, content and distribution. Extreme has offices in the UK, The Netherlands and USA. The Group currently has 3 divisions.

THE EXTREME SPORTS CHANNEL - WORLDWIDE SPORTS TELEVISION CHANNEL The Extreme Sports Channel (a joint venture between Extreme and UPC) is a global 24 hour cable and satellite sports network that features programs and live events from the action, adventure and extreme sports genres. Delivered world wide via a network of satellites, initially starting across Europe on May 1st 1999 it is now broadcasting in 9 countries with a growing subscriber base of 5 million. The channel is a direct challenger for the attention of teenagers. Its 'radical' sports and lifestyle content focuses on snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking and a host of adventure sports that produce incredibly dramatic visuals. 'Sports for the cool by the cool', where fashion and music come head-to-head to provide gripping off-the-wall action.

ABOUT THE CUERVO EUROPEAN WAKEBOARD TOUR The 2000 Cuervo European Wakeboard Pro Tour has visited five countries over the summer months commencing in Greece (10/11 June) followed by Spain (24/25 June), Austria (1/2 July) and The Netherlands (22/23 July), with the finals taking place in the UK (5/6 August). Sponsored by MasterCraft, rights owners of the event and the world's largest manufacturer of tournament ski boats and Jose Cuervo, the largest tequila brand in the world, it attracts professional competitors throughout the world. This year's Tour has seen a higher standard of entry than ever before and has provided some exciting and unexpected action with a full complement of thrills and spills.

Frequently described as an extreme or "adrenaline" sport, wakeboarding is a cross between snowboarding, surfing, skate boarding and water-skiing. It is currently one of the fastest growing board sport worldwide. Like snowboarding and surfing, wakeboarding not only attracts the extreme sports' enthusiasts who want to try out something new and exciting, but it also has a healthy following from those who simply like to come along to the events and soak up the atmosphere.

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