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What does it take to turn a social media phenomenon into a legitimate sport? 

Jack Downer is fighting to find the answer; getting views, beating the best players, athletes, and sports people in the world to make a name for Panna.


As the hottest urban street sport, Panna is fast paced, competitive, and accessible. All it takes is a six-meter pitch, bazooka goals, and three-minute games where a single nutmeg wins.   


Jack is the best in the game, but the game is unknown. That’s something we’re going to change.

The Format: 

8 x 60 Documentary Series

The Story: 

Jack is training to become a world champion and legitimise Panna on a global stage. To do that, he’s taking on challenges from other athletes and influencers on the road to the Panna World Cup.


In each episode, we’ll see Jack taking on world-leading sporting talent, and the grounding that drives his ambition to be at the bleeding edge of street sport. Jack will introduce them to Panna, a pit sport vs sport - from the mainstream like American football, to other street sports like skateboarding.


After they’ve gone head-to-head, Jack will get to know his challengers - learning more about who they are and how they’re able to balance fame and sport. We’ll see how the relationship between sport and social media effects athletes from other sports and stages of their career as Jack tries to find the line between entertainment and sport.

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