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neil renwick
Neil Renwick.jpg

Neil Renwick has spent the past 20 years in the Tourism industry, in South Africa. He was initially Head Trader for American Express Foreign Exchange, a subsidiary of Tourvest Holdings. Tourvest Holdings is recognised as the largest integrated Tourism business in the Southern Hemishere. He then went on to become Divisional Chief Financial Officer of the Accommodation and Activities Division of the same company. He held this position for 13 years. He spent a large portion of his time undertaking M&A activity in various countries in Africa, including Mauritius, and was also responsible for the financial well-being of the companies that reported to him.

In 2021, he regrettably decided to leave South Africa, and to emigrate to the UK. He is currently the Head of Finance of a large retailer in Northern Ireland.

Neil is a registered Chartered Accountant in both South Africa and the United Kingdom. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in International Tax from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, University of San Diego.

He enjoys golf, scuba diving, has several hundred sky dives to his name, and generally enjoys being outdoors.

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