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Mark Dodd
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Mark has spent the last 34 years within the media sector and has extensive experience of the international TV and digital markets, with 5 years of this spent within the Chinese media sector. 

After leaving university and a short spell working within the oil exploration sector, as a seismologist in Eastern Turkey, Mark joined Framestore, one of the world’s leading post production and special effects houses, before joining the fledgling world of multichannel television in 1988, working at BSB.

He went on to become a highly successful and multi-award winning Producer and Creative Director and Director of Broadcasting, creating advertising and branding campaigns for numerous TV companies including Discovery, Sky, GMTV, and Virgin Media (formally Flextech Television).

Having originally specialised in branding and marketing, over the last 15 years he has developed strategic business plans for a number of media companies, as well as launching numerous channels, both in the UK and internationally. One of which, Real Estate TV, was the world’s first TV channel and online platform devoted to the property business, which he founded and launched in 2004. Having run Real Estate TV as its CEO for 4 years, he led the negotiations to secure investment by Fox International Channels, ultimately leaving the business in December 2008.

Mark joined Media Trust and led its digital media strategy, delivering its social media and digital expansion including its channel, The Community Channel. He then went on to run Chinese owned TV station, Sino TV, as well as radio platform, Panda Radio, for 5 years, as the CEO of Gbtimes UK division. He was appointed Global Sales and Marketing Director in 2016 leading the sales and marketing strategy for the group, that comprised of 10 radio stations and 2 TV stations.

Mark is currently heading up the development and launch of Extreme International’s rapidly expanding Media Network of active sports and adventure themed FAST channels, AVOD, as well as developing its NFT and Metaverse strategy and is a member of the senior management team, based in the UK.

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