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kingdom adventure

We’ll take you on the ultimate journey across the Kingdom, as we combine incredible feats of engineering with larger-than-life thinking, all packaged ingeniously in an exciting new extreme sport format for the whole family and World to enjoy.

In every episode, the globe’s best stunt artists will visit Saudi to make the seemingly impossible possible. From record breaking skydives to underwater tasks, they’ll have the best landscapes, spaces and natural wonders to plan and build their miraculous challenges around. 


Defying the laws of physics, sport and stretching the limits of imagination, these off-the-wall challenges are a proven hit to shock, wow and showcase everything the Kingdom has to offer.

The Format: 

12 x 60 series

The Story: 

Here are just a few of the stunts that we’ll be bringing to life in the series:


The Base Bounce - Jumping from the tallest building in the Kingdom surrounded by other high rises, this is a bungee with a terminal velocity downfall, followed by a bounce back and a landing onto a surrounding high rise.


That Sinking feeling - Taking the world record from the Egyptians, our scuba diving stunt master will attempt to spend more than 145 hours and 30 minutes underwater, amongst the warm and inviting Red Sea. We’ll also see the Kingdom’s work on sustainability and environmental upkeep


Sidewalk Skiing World Record - In this stunt we will attempt to create the longest ever ‘sidewalk ski’, where the driver balances the car on two wheels. Plus, our stunt master will perform tricks, such as standing on top of the car, hanging out of the window, or even changing tires at high speed.


From A to Dune - Building upon the success of The Dakar Rally, we will be testing the Kingdom’s best female driver to complete 10,000km across the Kingdom, in just 10 days. She will have to eat, sleep and drive in her specially adapted car.  Does she have what it takes to put her foot down and find the faster route from east to west?

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