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In our environmentally challenging times, the concept of “saving the planet” seems like an intimidating task. But it doesn’t take a lot to be eco-friendly.

That’s why, in a series of short vignettes, we’ll have big name celebrities showcase how small, simple actions can have a big, positive impact on the environment - making the world that little bit better.

The Format: 

10 - 15s shorts

90 - 120s Longer form

The Story: 

In each short, we will see a celebrity doing a simple action that makes a positive environmental impact in 10-15 seconds.


Speaking directly to camera in an authentic self-shooting style, the celebrities will state a shocking environmental stat before explaining how they’re easily able to make things better.


We’ll see them make the small change, take the action or do the thing that’s required, just to show how easy it really is.


In the longer form films, we’ll go into more detail about how small actions can positively impact the environment.


The celebrities will introduce an environmental challenge, like technological and textile waste, before outlining the problems it causes in greater detail. As with the short films, they’ll offer up a shocking stat that viewers may not be aware of.


They’ll then explain the simple steps they take to change it, offering additional tips and anecdotes along the way. For example: if we had Harry Styles talking about wastage, we could see him showcase a selection of outfits he’s repaired rather than thrown away.

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