Designing, developing and delivering sustainable products and experiences for our community.

EXTREME’s carefully curated sustainable licensing programme offers collaborative partnerships across destinations, hotels, events, mobile, gaming and apparel and is supported by our brand, our community reach and wide array of ongoing brand marketing activities.



Data, text and calls.

EXTREME lives in a world with no boundaries, where innovation and passion is at the core of our lives and what we do. Whether that is finding a new spot, creating a new trick or venturing the untrodden path. EXTREME eSIM is no different, with freedom at its core, why wouldn't you want the same with how you communicate with the world.



Freedom belongs to the fearless

Reflecting the fusion of action sports, music, art and seasonal trends these are all translated through product styling, unique graphics and design details.

Delivering and developing offers across apparel, footwear, luggage and accessories we partner with companies that are experts in design and sourcing from wholesale to retail distribution; companies that focus on leveraging the EXTREME brand, and all our marketing platforms for mutually beneficial growth.


The ultimate safety net.

Extreme medics provide event organisers the ultimate safety net for their event, if the access is difficult and the risk of injury is high we have the expertise to support you. 

Our combined elements of event consultancy, logistical support & well respected clinicians make us extremely unique in our environment. 

Our ethos has always been use of our experience and skill set to deliver the result you deserve. Wherever you require us, on land, on water, in the mountains, in fact anywhere!


Eye melting addiction.

With apps and gaming we bring EXTREME’s attitude, lifestyle and sports culture to you. Through unique designs and customisation we get you to immerse yourself in our alternative lifestyle and sports through both apps and games.

We operate via partnerships with developers and distributors who share our passion for the EXTREME lifestyle and want to utilise our brand and significant marketing reach.



Open your eyes. Open your ears. Blow your mind.

Our range of headphones and portable speakers is grounded in functionality and innovation, fusing bold attitudes, loud lifestyles, unique graphical content and creative packaging with the latest technology.

We work with companies that are at the forefront of technical innovation, to offer products and services to satisfy the ever increasing appetite of our consumers.

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