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Ben was born in the UK but has been an expat his entire life, having lived and worked across all corners of the world, from the Far East and Middle East, to Africa, Europe and Americas. This incredible global experience is invaluable when dealing with cultural complexities and its application to business and social community awareness. 

Ben is a graduate from Sheffield Hallam University with an International Hotel and Tourism Degree. He has been involved in operational, development and project management and business consultancy in sports, leisure, hospitality and entertainment destinations for over 20 years.

In doing so, Ben has gained an in-depth knowledge of this fast moving and changing industry and awareness of the data, markets, trends and competition. He has a broad understanding of the full project lifecycle from strategic decision making and feasibility analysis all the way through the various design stages and project development and construction, into pre-opening and operations.

Ben is an entrepreneur at heart, and is adept at holding government and ministerial discussions and presentations; rolling up the sleeves reviewing financial models and architectural drawings; participating in workshops as a subject matter expert; conducting site visits in the middle of the desert or high up in the mountains; or exploring new opportunities in unchartered territories.

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