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EXTREME Announces Exciting New Rebrand


Since 1997, EXTREME has been brought action sports to the masses and raising the bar in the industry, leading the way in innovation, personality and thought. With the focus now spanning beyond just the sports further into lifestyle and adventure – and the nature in which the youth now consume content – the company has grown far beyond the origins of the TV channel, leading to the new name. UNREEL.


The new brand will further enable inspiration and creating stuff that matters for a group of doers, changers and makers referred to as Generation Do. The new branding represents just that:

UNREEL is an energetic fuelled lifestyle brand, bringing people from all over the world together through action, adventure and fun.


The home of inspirational content and authentic stories, being generated and supported by our influencers, content creators, athletes, artists, musicians and pioneers.


Our belief is to live life to the fullest, go beyond the limit and achieve the impossible. UNREEL, exists to inspire and to motivate individuals to make positive change in the world.


For more than two decades, the original EXTREME logo has carried the company from a garage born start-up in the UK to a global, recognisable brand with a worldwide presence. 

The new branding represents change. EXTREME is changing because the world around is changing – the company has a determination to never stop leading the way in innovation, personality and thought.

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