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sky run

A good cause, determination, and engineering come together to allow one man to run through the sky.

With the help of marathon coaches, aerospace engineers, and former NASA astronaut Kevin Ford, the Charity Adventurer Josh Stinton will leap off the fjords of Norway in a blimp powered by a giant hamster wheel.

We’re going to follow The Charity Adventurer as he gets this idea off the ground and takes on the Sky Run.

The Format: 

Feature Length Documentary Special

The Story: 

Self-made adventurer Josh Stinton is going to be the first person to run a marathon in the sky all in aid of Right to Play - a charity whose focus is to protect, educate and empower children to rise above adversity using the power of play.

But, to achieve that, he’s going to have to overcome some pretty big hurdles - like inventing a whole new way to fly. In this docuseries we’re going to join Josh on his journey to complete the Sky Run.


We’ll see the earliest stages of the idea coming to life, a team coming together and scoping out what’s possible.​

We’ll see the training for something that’s never been done. We’ll see the build of the blimp and the giant hamster wheel that he’ll run in.

And finally the event itself… and whether or not everything goes to plan.

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