A Note From Alistair Gosling, Founder & CEO

I have been lucky enough to be a part of this incredible industry and community for more than 25 years. Whilst we find ourselves in such unprecedented times, I'd like to thank the EXTREME team, our partners and fans; I know that together we will weather the storm and come out the other end stronger and surfing the wave together.  Please take care, remain passionate and stay positive.

EXTREME Team To Talk AT COREcruitment Webinar

Save The Date: Wed 20 May 2020 - 3pm UK

The senior management team of EXTREME will be joining COREcruitment for a special webinar to talk about our business and plans post COVID-19. The team will be offering exclusive insights into how the extreme and adventure sports industry has coped with the crisis and what the future looks like for brands in the space.

We will also be discussing our knowledge and key relationships to design, develop and deliver some of the world's most innovative destinations, spectacular events and far reaching brand campaigns.

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James Cooke-Priest Joins EXTREME​

EXTREME Events set to reach new heights under new leadership. James, former Chief Operating Officer of BBC Top Gear Live, has joined the EXTREME team to head up its event activity.

He has extensive experience building international event businesses and staging high profile, large scale events, festivals and touring productions throughout Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and Australasia. For any enquiries please contact us.

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Adventure Travel And Tourism Insights

Extreme sports and adventure travel is expected to be one of the first to bounce back post COVID-19. As the fastest growing segment of the travel market before lockdown, it is viewed that due to the demographic, the consumer mindset and the passion fuelled nature of decision making, this segment of the market is set to be a key catalyst for the fast return of adventure travel and tourism. Off the back of our consumer insights EXTREME has seen an up swing in tourism authority engagement and consultancy from around the world.

Eight Weeks Of AirTime Podcast

With more than 500,000 views and a reach of 1.2 million people it's the only podcast that gets you up-close and personal with the greats of extreme sports. We feature athletes, organisers, people in the business and many more that make the extreme sports world go around.

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EXTREME'S Newest Talent

We are excited to announce new ambassadors; Kieran Reilly (BMX), Vanessa Ruck (Enduro), B-Girl Terra (Break Dancing), Robbie Griffith (Free-runner), Sixtine De Mareschal (Freestyle Football) and Antoine Hesse (Skate) to the EXTREME family. Supporting top competition winners, influencers and the grass-roots athletes with big aspirations, has been one of our core values since day one.


Tread Lighter

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A Tightrope Between 2 Parachute Watch it here 370K Views  

Bridging The Gap

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The Isolation Trials Watch it here


Anamorphic Wave

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