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Nikita Ducarroz, world No.2 and BLACK+DECKER™ team rider is raising the bar for Women’s BMX

Nikita Ducarroz, 21, is the newest member of the EXTREME/BLACK+DECKER™ team, but there’s more, a lot more.

Nikita was born in Nice, France but moved to California when she was young and has been riding BMX for six years now. She competes for Switzerland and trains in San Diego, the BMX capital of the world.

When Nikita was first starting out at BMX, personal drive motivated her since she didn’t know anyone else involved with the sport. She hopes that this will inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and break boundaries.

When she was 13, Nikita started watching BMX videos online and from this point, she was hooked. She started her own BMX clothing company called FDV just two years later when she was 15. If you believe in yourself, truly anything is possible.

Ducarroz and her father built a jump box in her back garden and from this point she began to progress faster than ever. Having a jump box in your back yard is every young extreme sports fan’s dream, so it is no surprise she couldn’t get enough of it. This may be the reason she is one of the only females in the world who can backflip a BMX bike. But a backflip is just one of the tricks in her arsenal – Nikita is regularly laying down high difficulty tricks like tailwhips and 540s.

Following her quick progression, Nikita is regularly competing in the highest stakes competitions on the planet, such as the X-Games, the Vans US Open and the BMX Freestyle World Cup. In fact, she is currently ranked second in the world for women’s BMX riding. We can say for certain that she will be considered for the debut of BMX Freestyle in the 2020 Olympics.

Not only are we completely thrilled by Nikita’s success to date, but it’s safe to say she has raised the bar for the sport. We’re excited for Nikita and women’s BMX.

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