EXTREME Connect is the mobile network for life's explorers.

If you love action sports, adventure, and have a passion for the outdoors and our environment, EXTREME Connect is the new mobile network for you. The way we ride, roll and travel is ever changing and  technology itself is ever evolving, so whether you’re on the ocean, in the mountains, or just chilling at home it’s more important than ever to keep connected.

As a challenger network EXTREME Connect is disrupting the mobile landscape through sustainable technology and convenience. Via our app and virtual eSIM system we can get you connected immediately from anywhere in the world. Launched in April 2021 with data, and text and voice to follow in September the service offer delivers great customer service, super prices and a suite of cracking offers from adventure brands. With local numbers offered in the USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Australia, and Hong Kong and coverage in over 140 countries wherever your based we've got you covered.


Voice & Text

Coming September 2021


Extreme Connect Includes

Brilliant service, cracking pricing, a collection of great offers, discounts from a range of brands, discount on event tickets, no long-term contacts, share your data with your friend if they are running low and free data when using social media. With our eSIM only offer you can say goodbye to plastic sim cards damaging the environment and with a real passion to be sustainable we are signed up to Planet Mark to measure our impact , 1 % For The Planet to give back and the UN action for climate change to drive awareness.


How do I get connected ?

So what is an eSIM ? In short, it’s a virtual sim card that works the same way as your plastic sim card but is embedded in your phone. New tech means most of the newer phones have two sim slots, one for a physical sim and one for an eSIM. To get connected you just download the Extreme Connect app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to your eSIM compatible mobile phone ( see here for compatibility list  http://esim-information.com/ ) and follow the four simple steps. So, get setup fast and connected instantly - No more waiting for your SIM to arrive in the post. For more information Sign up for latest Extreme Connect updates.

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