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Adventure Tour and Camp General Manager / Operator (Single/Couple)


Adventure Tour and Camp General Manager / Operator (Single/Couple)

 Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia

EXTREME is a unique brand, community and purpose driven company that lives at the nexus of sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. Our Vision is to drive positive change through extreme and adventure sports. This is realised through our integrated approach that encompasses strategy, design, development, and management of some of the world's most innovative destinations, spectacular events, entertaining media, and engaging brand campaigns.

EXTREME Destinations are strategizing, designing, master planning, developing and operating the most extraordinary extreme and adventure sports parks, resorts and destinations; the development and operation of sustainable adventure accommodation and experiences in awe-inspiring locations; and providing specialist consultancy services in adventure travel, extreme sports and adventure hospitality. For further information, check out:


Position Description:


As the Country General Manager - Adventure-based Tour and Camp Operator, you will be responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of the company's operations and ensuring the delivery of exceptional adventure hospitality and tourism experiences. You will play a crucial role in developing and implementing strategies to drive business growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and develop operational efficiency across both our hospitality business and the tour operations. Your leadership and management skills will be essential in developing and then leading a new team of staff members and coordinating various departments within the organization.

Reports to: Extreme Hospitality Director

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Key Responsibilities:

Strategic Planning: Develop and execute strategic plans to achieve business objectives, including developing market reach, developing and increasing customer base, and optimizing profitability through efficiencies measures.

Operations Management: Develop (in support of the Operations Manager) all related SOPs in relation to the tour business and accommodation services, oversee day-to-day operations, including staff requirements, scheduling, logistics, and coordination of adventure tours and activities.


Sustainability, Environmental & Social Programs: Support and implement the management of sustainability best practices across all developments, operations and services.


Recruitment and Team Leadership: Provide recruitment skills, onboarding, guidance, support, and mentorship to staff members, ensuring effective teamwork and a positive work environment.


Customer Experience: Ensure the delivery of high-quality adventure tourism experiences, focusing on customer satisfaction, safety, and personalized services.


Business Development: Identify and pursue opportunities for business growth, including partnerships, collaborations, and new market segments.


Financial Management: Monitor and manage budgets, expenses, and financial performance to achieve profitability targets.


Risk Management: Implement and enforce safety protocols and risk management procedures to ensure the well-being of guests and staff.

Marketing and Promotion: Work closely with the marketing team to develop and execute marketing strategies, including online and offline campaigns, to attract and retain customers.

Stakeholder Relations: Build and maintain relationships with our partners, key stakeholders, such as suppliers, local communities, government authorities, and industry associations.


Continuous Improvement: Stay updated with industry trends, new adventure activities, and best practices, implementing innovative ideas and process improvements to enhance the company's offerings.



  • Proven hospitality experience in a senior management role within the adventure tourism industry or related field.
  • In-depth knowledge of adventure-based tour operations and camp services, including; back office reporting, PMS, booking systems, activity and itinerary planning, logistics, and safety protocols.

  • Strong leadership and managerial skills, with the ability to motivate and inspire a diverse team.

  • Excellent organizational and problem-solving abilities, with attention to detail and the ability to multitask effectively.

  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, capable of building strong relationships with staff, customers, and stakeholders. Highly guest centric.

  • Exceptional Food and Beverage, catering, events and Rooms Division knowledge.

  • Demonstrated business acumen and the ability to drive growth and achieve financial targets.

  • Strong fiscal management experience and understanding.

  • Well-developed understanding of 5* personalized services.

  • Experience in Sustainability and Environmental & Social Governance.

  • Empathetic and engaging leadership style.

  • Socially & environmentally conscious.

  • Passion for adventure tourism and extreme sports and a deep understanding of customer expectations in this sector.

  • Familiarity with relevant industry regulations, standards, and best practices.

  • Proficiency in using technology and software systems related to tour operations, PMS and reservations. 

Qualifications / Experience

  • Relevant Degree or Diploma
  • Minimum of a bachelors degree or equivalent in Hospitality Management

  • At least 10 -15 years experience in the hospitality industry, with significant adventure-based, luxury and international experience

  • With at least 7 years of progressive leadership experience in Hospitality Management

  • Stable employment history and contactable references



  • Willingness for extensive travel.

  • Have excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Have a strong commitment, responsibility and reliability towards the project, team and company.

  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal).

  • Result driven.

  • Vision setting. 

  • Be a positive and energetic team player, be someone we would want to go on a road trip with across Europe; hang out at a mountain bike park with; and spend a day surfing with!


As the Country General Manager, you will have a unique opportunity to shape and lead the company's operations, delivering unforgettable adventure experiences and driving the growth and success of the business.


If you are interested and you meet the selection criteria, please respond to with your CV and Motivation Letter, telling us why you are the right person for this role.

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